Mother of baby p tracey connelly

The evil mum, who stood by as her partner tortured Baby P to death, does not deserve a second chance at motherhood, a source said.

Justice 4 baby p!!

The contact is being encouraged with a view to building it up in the near future. Son Peter died in aged 17 months after suffering more than 50 injuries at home in Haringey, North London — despite 60 visits from lax social workers and cops.

He was identified only as Baby P until after Connelly was jailed for letting her partner Steven Barker and his paedophile brother Jason Owen torture him. Connelly was released on licence in but recalled to jail 18 months later after selling indecent images of herself online to sickos turned on by her notorious past.

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She is barred from face-to-face meetings with her children but believes her two letters a year will show parole chiefs that she has changed. They go to them after being checked and vetted by court mediators specialising in promoting access to youngsters. But since Connelly was released October last year, after a parole board said she posed no threat to the public, the year-old has been living in a bail hostel in the North of England.

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The greatest irony is that she sees herself as the victim in all of this so expects to be looked after. And shockingly, the mum-of-three, who weighs 22 stone, is claimed to have also asked doctors to get the NHS to fund weight-loss surgery, following her release, with a friend telling the newspaper:. She talks about getting herself a fella all the time.

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