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You have 90 days to work on your LLC formation without purchasing it. Federal taxes.


State taxes. Self-employment taxes. LLC members owners who are active in the business will probably have to pay self-employment taxes on their share of LLC profits — just as partners in a partnership do. Fortunately, an LLC member can deduct, as a business expense, half of the self-employment taxes paid. Members in manager-managed LLCs may not have to pay self-employment taxes if they are not active in the business; if you are in this situation, consult a tax adviser to see if you should pay self-employment taxes.

We will walk you through the information we need to form your LLC. If you have a complex question, you may want to consult a business lawyer or tax expert. Our website features an online lawyer directory as a free resource to our customers. If you are trying to convert a corporation or partnership into an LLC, you should consult an attorney. There are some legal and tax ramifications to closing down an existing business and starting a new one that are beyond the scope of our service.

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Here's why a company agreement is necessary:. But you will probably still need to qualify your LLC to do business in your home state — and this means you'll have to file additional paperwork and pay additional fees. Note that if you don't register to do business in another state when required, you won't be able to enforce contracts in that state. Also, be ready for some state tax complications if you form your LLC in a state that's different from the state where all of its members live. At best, you might get credit for those taxes in your home state and not have to pay twice.

At worst, you might have to pay taxes you wouldn't have had to pay at home. Other state taxes vary from state to state, and might influence your choice of location for an LLC. An LLC — like any business — has to pay franchise taxes, sales and use taxes, other transaction and excise taxes, and employment, property, and transfer taxes. In addition, in most states, you need to maintain a registered agent in the state where you form your LLC. If your principal office is located in Texas, you can avoid these potential complications. Nolo will form your LLC if your business is outside the state, but your business must be based in the United States.

An LLC member who is active in the business — like a partner in a partnership — has to pay self-employment taxes on his or her share of LLC profits. You can deduct half of what you pay for self-employment taxes as a business expense. Members in manager-managed LLCs may not have to pay self-employment taxes if they are not active in the business. The self-employment tax situation for LLC members has been a subject of controversy and temporary regulations, and the dust has not yet settled around many of the issues.

If you plan to be an inactive member of an LLC and don't plan on paying self-employment taxes, get an opinion from a local tax expert — preferably one who is willing to argue his or her opinion to IRS officials, if it comes to that. If any of your members will not be active in the LLC or if you choose manager-management for your LLC, you may need to comply with federal and state securities procedures when setting up your LLC.

If you'll be the sole owner of your LLC and you don't plan to take investments from outsiders, your ownership interest in the LLC will not be considered a "security" and you don't have to concern yourself with these laws. Membership interests in a manager-managed LLC might be classified as securities because nonmanaging members may be investing their money in a business in which they are not actively participating. A security is defined as an investment in a profit-making enterprise by an investor who is not running the company.

If a person invests in a business with the expectation of making money from the efforts of others, that person's investment is generally considered a "security" under federal and state law. Conversely, when a person will rely on his or her own efforts to make a profit that is, he or she will be an active participant in the LLC , that person's ownership interest in the company will not usually be treated as a security. If your LLC's membership interests are considered securities, you must get an exemption from the state and federal securities laws before the initial owners of your LLC invest their money.

If you don't qualify for an exemption to the securities laws, you must register the sale of your LLC's ownership interests with the U. Fortunately, smaller LLCs usually qualify for securities law exemptions. For example, SEC rules exempt the private sale of securities from registration if all owners reside in one state and all sales are made within the state; this is called the "intrastate offering" exemption.

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Another federal exemption covers "private offerings. Most states have enacted their own versions of these popular federal exemptions. Securities exemptions may be an area where you'd like to get the opinion of a professional.

If so, Nolo can help connect you with a lawyer. Nolo's Lawyer Directory provides a comprehensive profile for each lawyer listed, including the lawyer's experience, education, fees, and general philosophy of practicing law. Forming an LLC does not take the place of obtaining a business license, tax registration certificate, or other required business permits. An LLC merely creates an ownership setup that limits the owners' personal liability.

If you decide to discontinue business as an LLC, you must file a certificate of cancellation and possibly a certificate of dissolution with the Secretary of State. Your certificate of formation will be generated and filed with the Secretary of State. If you ordered Nolo's Express Premiere Service, your LLC records binder and company seal will be sent to you independently, directly from the manufacturer.

After completing your purchase, you may no longer go back and change your answers because your order is being processed. Once we send your documents to the Secretary of State, we cannot refund your state filing fees and other third-party costs, such as courier and delivery services, should you decide to cancel your order. You have 90 days to work on your LLC formation documents without purchasing them. Toggle navigation Shopping-cart 0 Toggle search. Search Term. Start Now.

Online Texas LLC. Form your Texas LLC today! Compare our Prices and Packages Reference Nolo's complimentary Guide to Limited Liability Companies You can trust Nolo For over 35 years Nolo has been publishing affordable, plain English books, forms and software on a wide range of legal and business issues, including estate planning, small business, personal finance, housing, divorce and intellectual property. Coupon codes are not valid for this product. Product Details.

What is a limited liability company? How many people do I need to form an LLC? Is an LLC right for my business? How much will it cost to form my Texas LLC? How long will it take to form my Texas LLC? How long do I have to work on my LLC formation? Does my LLC need a company agreement or operating agreement? Can I form an LLC in a different state than the one in which my business will operate?

Are LLC members subject to self-employment taxes? Do LLC membership interests need to be registered as securities? Does forming an LLC mean I don't need a business license? How can an LLC be ended after it has been formed? What happens after I pay? Where can I learn more about LLCs? If you intend to represent yourself pro se, without the assistance of an attorney, you must have the knowledge to prepare and file the proper pleadings and present your case to the court.

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We advise you to consult an attorney if you have any questions or are unsure as to what you need to do. The District Clerk does not have the papers or forms necessary for the filing of a divorce or any other law suit or pleading. Copies of documents may be obtained upon payment of the appropriate fees either in person during regular office hours, or by writing or calling the District Clerk's office to obtain the purchase amount.

The District Clerk's office is open from a.

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Monday through Friday. To set your case for a hearing or to appear on the uncontested docket or to check on a setting, you must call the court administrator of the appropriate court at one of the following phone numbers: th District Court - th District Court - 26th District Court - th District Court - th District Court - County Court at Law No.

The District Clerk does not have a form for filing an answer and cannot assist you on how to file an answer. Consult an attorney for any assistance. Contact the appropriate Tax Assessor-Collector regarding the amount of taxes owed or for information on payment of the taxes.

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Since a tax suit has been filed, court costs will also be due in addition to the taxes.