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At CarePlus our mission is to provide excellence in integrated health care to assist families and individuals in improving the quality of their life. We believe that achieving integrated care requires coordination between the four pillars of behavioral health, which is why our comprehensive approach and programs are focused on primary care, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and access to social services. Through our coordinated care model, we provide a holistic, individualized approach to treatment and recovery. For more than 40 years, CarePlus has been an innovator in integrated primary and behavioral health services, providing vital treatment and support annually to more than 14, children, families and adults coping with mental illness, addiction and social injustices.

We provide the most comprehensive, integrated treatment options through 72 programs designed to meet the full spectrum of health and wellness needs of the northern New Jersey communities we serve. CarePlus NJ, a pioneer in primary and behavioral health care services, has named Dr. Daniel Finch the Vice President of population health strategies and director of psychiatric urgent […].

In an article by Metro Kids, they cover the signs of Mental Illness that Parents should be watching for in their children. Personalized programs to help overcome depression and anxiety supported by tools, weekly exercises, and daily inspiration in a safe and confidential environment. Please discuss with your prescriber first to see if this is an appropriate treatment option. Compatible with PCs, laptops, and tablets only.

Expand your knowledge on the latest behavioral health topics through courses and workshops at CarePlus or explore advancing your career with us. Ralph was wrongfully incarcerated for 24 years.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence Reading Answer

Memorials Memorial services may not be chanted from the Saturday of Lazarus through the Sunday of Thomas, on any Feastday of the Lord or any Feastday of the Theotokos, nor will they be chanted on a Sunday following a Saturday of the Souls. Please call the church office or speak to the parish priest to schedule a memorial. Days may not be scheduled for exclusivity. All Memorial Services must be accompanied with Kollyva boiled wheat. This is another powerful symbol of the Resurrection. Memorials are usually chanted on the 40th day of the death and also on the anniversary of the death thereafter.

A Trisagion is chanted in place of the Memorial Service if no kollyva is present.

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A Memorial Service can not be offered in church for an individual who was cremated or who did not have the Funeral Service read for him in the church. Fasting Just as there are times for feasting, there are also times set aside for fasting. During these periods, certain foods are prohibited.

Fruits, vegetables, grains and shellfish are permitted throughout the year. Of course, the Orthodox Church never reduces the practice of fasting to a legalistic observance of dietary rules. Fasting, that is not accompanied by intensified prayer and acts of charity, inevitably becomes a source of pride. The Church also recognizes that not everyone can fast to the same degree, and assumes that individual Christians will observe the fast prescribed for them by their spiritual fathers.

The following are fasting days and seasons:. Dispensation is given for Thanksgiving Day. Concerning Holy Communion and Fasting Everyone receiving Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy must observe the ancient custom as prescribed by the Holy Canons of fasting from every food item. No person should approach and receive Holy Communion if they have not fasted the morning of a Divine Liturgy. Traditionally, no food or drink is taken complete fast from sunset on Saturday until after receiving Holy Communion. The elderly who require medication may take small amounts of food to help the medication work effectively.

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Young children are encouraged to learn the discipline of fasting at an early age. Children older than ten years of age should practice the complete fast. Tots may require breakfast but should not approach the chalice with food particles remaining on their face. Babies need nourishment and should eat at their prescribed time. Holy Communion The Eucharist is at the very center of Orthodox piety, worship and theology. One is encouraged to receive Holy Communion as frequently as possible. However, as frequent communion is encouraged, casual communion is not.

One must always prepare themselves through prayer, fasting see above and confession before receiving Holy Communion. A cavalier attitude toward Holy Communion demeans, not the Eucharist, but the individual who receives it un-prepared. Holy Communion is a fire that devours and burns away our sins. But it can also become a fire that devours and consumes us if we partake of it unworthily. Remember, Holy Communion is a gift and should be received with joy in the fashion prescribed by the Church.

Please Be Respectful As you approach the Chalice to receive the Eucharist, please do so with utmost respect and reverence, for you are receiving the Lord, Jesus Christ into your being. No sudden movements should be done in front of the Chalice. In order to prevent accidental contact with the Chalice, please do not make the sign of the cross near the Chalice. The Sanctity of Human Life A major and overarching concern of the Church arises with its commitment to the God-given sanctity of human life.

Some of the developments of the biological manipulation of human life, though promising amazing therapeutic achievements, may also be understood as undermining respect for the integrity of human existence. Others may be seen as providing a new means of healing human illness. Discerning the difference is the challenge the Church faces in developing its teaching on these newly appearing issues.

Life is a gift of God in the formation of the created world. Thus, racism, unjust prejudicial treatment of men and women, genocide, forms of sexual exploitation, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, theft or destruction of legitimately owned property, deceptions and deceit, environmental plunder and other such manipulative behaviors violate the human dignity of others.

Human life as a gift of God should be respected. Some specific issues are the following. Donation of Organs Although nothing in the Orthodox tradition requires the faithful to donate their organs to others, never-the-less, this practice may be considered an act of love, and as such is encouraged. The donation of an organ from a deceased person is also an act of love that helps to make possible for the recipient a longer, fuller life.

Such donations are acceptable if the deceased donor had willed such action, or if surviving relatives permit it providing that it was in harmony with the desires of the deceased. Such actions can be approved as an expression of love and if they express the self-determination of the donor.

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In all cases, respect for the body of the donor should be maintained. The death of the donor shall not be hastened in order to harvest organs for transplantation to another person.

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Sexuality The Orthodox Church recognizes marriage as the only moral and spiritually appropriate context for sexual relations. Thus, all other forms of sexual activity such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, pornography, all forms of prostitution, and similar forms of behavior are sins that are inappropriate for the Orthodox Christian.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence Reading Answer

Marriage is only conducted and recognized in the Orthodox Church as taking place between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriages are a contradiction in terms. The Orthodox Church does not allow for same-sex marriages. Orthodox Christians are admonished not to encourage women to have abortions, nor to assist in the committing of abortion.

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Those who perform abortions and those who have sought it are doing an immoral deed, and are called to repentance. The Orthodox Church celebrates as feast days certain days where conception occurred. Anna — December 9. The Conception of St. John the Baptist by St. Elizabeth — September More importantly, it may be evidence of a lack of faith in our loving, forgiving, sustaining God. If a person has committed suicide as a result of a belief that: such an action is rationally or ethically defensible, the Orthodox Church denies that person a Church funeral, because such beliefs and actions separate a person from the community of faith.

The Church shows compassion, however, on those who have taken their own life as a result of mental illness or severe emotional stress, when a condition of impaired rationality can be verified by a physician. In this case, a Church Funeral is granted. All Rights Reserved.