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This handy sheet-sized map covers the Greater Killeen, Harker Heights and Nolanville area in full color and depicts cities, highways, major streets and water. Harker Heights, Texas's estimated population is 31, according to the Harker Heights, Texas is the th largest city in Texas based on. The " gap".

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Detailed information on every zip code in Harker Heights. Powered by WordPress. Caos designed by Quema Labs. Harker heights texas city map Posts navigation 1 2 Next page. Since the s all middle and high schools within the city had employed the teaching of abstinence only plan. Abstaining should be also practiced till marriage. This has led for many people to call for another alternative due to the increasing rates of STD infection within the city. The abstinence plus system.

This is also known as comprehensive sexual education. With comprehensive sexual education, students are taught a variety of issues pertaining sexuality including:. With all the above traits taught in these classes some school stakeholders, parents and non governmental organizations are pushing for the introduction of the abstinence plus system as it equips the youth with the right information for making informed sex decisions. Most schools have already adopted the system in their middle schools from grade 6 through Outreach programs to sensitize the youth and the general public on the need for sexual education, contraception methods and STD prevention methods have been staged by different organizations within the city.

With exhibitions on the right usage of condoms among other prevention tool kits, the locals have easy access to accurate sex information and can make sound sex decisions. The population of Harker Heights has several distribution characteristics.

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These difference in values and practices greatly influences the increase of STD infection within the city. Social crimes like rape and prostitution is one of the most active factor that has led to increase in STD infection. According to a survey, there are more than 48 sex offenders living in Heights. This means that in every residents within Heights, there is 1 sex offender.

With such high chances of the existence of sex offenders within the city, the rate of STD infection is bound to increase. Unemployment within the city is another factor that influences the growth of STD infection. With most of the youths despairing due to the challenge of securing a job and extreme low standards of living, this drives them into drugs and ignorance about their health needs. This greatly increases STD infection within the city.

The population which is distributed as:. With the above different races, there exists different practices and values. Some of these practices necessitate the growth of STDs within the city. Existence of different religions with the city is another contributing factor to the increase of STDs in Heights. Religions in the city include:. With the above different religions there exists different beliefs. This difference in beliefs constitutes to different practices and some of the practices facilitate increase in STD infection. Along with religion and race contributing to the increase in STD infection, the qualitative and quantitative state of STD testing testing resources is another factor that has led to increased STD infection in Heights.

There are no enough facilities within the city to cater comprehensive STD testing. Along with the above factors contributing to the growth of STDs, outreach programs and exhibitions are gradually fighting off STD infection by education the youth and the locals about sexuality and hence empowering them with the right knowledge. Their main aim is to equip and increase the standards and accessibility level of health facilities within the city. They have delved into ensuring that all private and public health facilities have met the required health standards to deliver adequate and quality STD services.

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Established long ago during the incorporation periods of the city, the health facility has had a reputation of offering medically accurate, private and confidential STD testing services. Their services are appointment basis and offer client friendly costs for testing all other STDs. Metroplex Health center is another public health facility within Harker Heights. Equipped with specialized and experienced doctors in all types of STDS, the health center offers one of the medically accurate and time conscious STD testing.

They offer referrals on request and have stood the test of time in STD testing, treatment and management.

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They also offer individual and family STD therapies on request. Seton Medical Center is a private health facility in Heights.

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The health center offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential. Equipped with experts in all types of STDs and specialists in client handling, they offer quality individual STD services. It offers time conscious, appointment basis STD services.

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They also offer home therapies, where doctors attend to you from your home. This is a walk in basis facility that handles emergency STD testing and treatment services. With several branches across the city, this facility boasts specialized experts in all types of STDs. Operating within different time frames of the day, this health care facility serves all United States citizens regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

PlushCare Urgent Care is another urgent care within Heights city. It is a walk-in basis facility that offers private and confidential STD testing services. They offer very fast, medically accurate STD testing and treatment. Audre Rapoport Parenthood Center is one of the renown parenthood centers within the city. The facility handles females in all ages. The facility offers medically accurate, private and confidential STD services. Downtown Austin Parenthood Center is another parenthood center clinic within Heights. The facility is an appointment basis clinic that renders medically accurate and confidential STD testing.

Their STD testing is done by experts who also deliver counselling to their clients. Incorporated in the 19th century, Harker Heights is one of the oldest cities in Texas. With the increased social media use and influx of people in Heights, the rates of STD infection has been a nightmare to most residents. WIth STD infection rates rising with time, the future of the city seems to be uncertain. Though hardly fought in all fronts by the health community in the city the numbers of STD infection have been consistently rising.

With the abstinence only education faltering in its attempt to curb the rates, the city has embarked on comprehensive sexual education. Along with equipping and improving the standards of health facilities within the city, comprehensive sexual education forms the base for reducing the rates of STD infection in Heights city. Filter 0 Clear All.

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