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Appraiser's Office Browse through information on records of the data relating to all taxable and exempt real and personal property within the county. Attorney's Office Learn about responsibilities and browse through information from the Attorney's Office. Clerk's Office View information on county budgets, elections, population, wildlife, and more. Community Corrections Find information on adult and juvenile services provided by Community Corrections. Economic Development Access information on cities within the county, small business resources, business incentives, and area industrial parks.

Emergency Communications E Gain information on emergency communication services provided in Butler County.

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Emergency Management Learn how to prepare for emergencies and how you can help others. Emergency Medical Service Find information on EMS billing, department programs, station locations, educational opportunities, and public resources from Emergency Medical Service. Facilities Management Check out information on the care and upkeep of all facilities owned by Butler County. Fire Service View information on county fire departments, open burning regulations, and the Fire Chiefs Association.

Health Browse through information on health services, clinics, and public health preparedness provided to Butler County residents.

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Information Technology View services provided by Computer Services. Juvenile Justice Services Learn about Butler County Juvenile Justice Services, including electronic monitoring, diversions, truancy, intake, and assessment. Motor Vehicle View information on buying or selling a vehicle, licensing and license plate requirements, and military requirements. They later returned to Pennsylvania to neighboring Beaver County, where the group eventually died out at Economy, near Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Butler County contains the nation's first large tracts of land known as Depreciation and Donation Lands.


In and , two acts of the Pennsylvania legislature divided much of the lands north of Pittsburgh and west of the Allegheny River into parcels of land given as incentive to soldiers who enlisted in the Revolutionary War Donation Lands , and to compensate for the depreciated value of the Continental currency used to pay the soldiers Depreciation Lands. These lands comprised all of Butler County's land area except for a section in the northeast, which was considered unsuitable for farming.

This northeastern section was removed from the roster of available land and came to be known as the Struck Lands. Ironically, the Struck Lands later proved to contain large deposits of crude oil, and such boom towns as Petrolia and Karns City sprang up and prospered. Butler County is now noted for its oil fields and natural gas sites. Other industries of renown in Butler County include the railroad freight car production facility of Pullman Standard, the world's largest builder of those cars.

Pullman Standard was founded in with Diamond Jim Brady as its star salesman. Saxonburg, Pennsylvania is where John Roebling, known primarily as the builder of the Brooklyn Bridge, settled after emigrating from Germany and the place where he first invented wire rope. Butler County also became home to another first, when in the country's first jeep was designed and built, the culmination of Butler County's pioneering lightweight automobile industry.

From its beginning, Butler County has been ideally suited for farming and today is home to many dairy, cattle and poultry farms, besides being one of the nation's largest producers of fresh mushrooms. Over ten tons of mushrooms are produced daily in the vast former limestone mines in West Winfield, Pennsylvania, and an even larger facility is located near Worthington, Pennsylvania.

Butler County was the home of many notable citizens, including pioneer David Dougal, an eccentric surveyor and land speculator who despite great wealth chose to live in near squalor. There is a wealth of Genealogical History available in Butler County. As time permits we will attempt to make information available here, including all the resources available in Butler County.

Over 2, Newspapers from the collection of the Butler County Historical Society and private collections, not available to the general public. Click on the colored words below to access the specified information. Birth and Death Records were mandated to be kept by each county by the State of PA from to and again from through Starting January 1, the State started to collect and maintain these records.

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The records maintained by the counties are still available at the county courthouse where the event took place. When the Social Security Administration was formed and registrations were started in , each applicant had to have either a birth or baptismal certificate.

When neither was available, the applicant had to return to the county of their birth and file a Delayed Birth Record. Click here to access the Pennsylvania Birth and Death indexes now available online.

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