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In Plymouths came standard with a new 6-cylinder engine, which began with ci, then ci, then in it went up to ci, and finally in it was bumped up to ci. This flat-head 6-cylinder engine would remain basically the same engine used in all Plymouth cars through , when in the slant-6 was introduced.

The Flat-Head 6 would still continue in use for another years in trucks and marine type vesicles. Also during the s there was a growing demand for easier shifting transmissions. There were many car companies competing to sell their cars, and here is a list of most of them from to the present :.

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In Chrysler made a strategic move and put Plymouths into over 7, Dodges, DeSotos and Chryslers dealerships, thus providing the buyer with a choice of four 4 different series and price ranges to choose from. In Plymouth replaced Buick as the number 3 spot for car sales, and it was also the last year for both the Plymouth Roadster and Phaeton models. The model had major body changes and the introduction of a new 6-cylinder engine for the first time.

This broadcast was narrated by Lowell Thomas and had many guest like W. Chrysler, B.

1971 Mopar VIN Decoding

In Chrysler Corporation introduced the Chrysler and DeSoto Airflow models, which were not a great success by themselves, but the design technology introduced would be used by Chrysler and other U. This led to new body designs for Plymouth with teardrop fenders, sloping hoods and rear bodies, slanted windshields and radiators, and integrated fenders and running boards into the body. In the millionth Plymouth was sold to a lady in Turlock, California, who claimed to have also bought the very first Plymouth.

Also was the first year Plymouth offered an optional in dash radio. Plymouth production for the year was at , cars produced.

1971 Mopar VIN Decoding

In it was the last year for the side-mounted spare tire. In parallel there were other events going on in the automobile industry that would eventually affect the Chrysler Corporation, and most notably were;. The highs being increased year over year production numbers for most manufacturers, and the lows were when pre-WWII military build-up caused material shortages and then in December of the U.

Once the U. For Plymouth the highs were that they made many vehicle improvements, like replacing the cloth roof inserts with steel panels, and having the headlights and taillight inserted into the fenders for both appearance and making them stronger. Also between and , except for , the highs for Plymouth was that the average yearly production was over , cars produced a year, and was expected to be a huge record setting production year. However, Plymouth still had a great production year with , cars being produced.

Right after December 07, , when the U. This rationing program restricted raw materials, gasoline and tires for cars already made. One forgotten fact is that during the war years there was a mandatory speed limit reduction in all of the U. In the Chrysler Corporation paid of the Dodge Brothers purchase Debt, and it was the first year that the total corporate production exceeded 1,, cars.

In Chrysler introduced a new type of Shock absorbers and hypoid rear axles. In there were other notable things that happened with Plymouth and the Automotive industry;. In Plymouth introduced a new transmission with blocker-type synchronizer, which made for much easier shifting.

How to Decipher a VIN Code on a 1969 Dodge Dart

Also in the doors had a new rotary safety latches and the hinges were canceled, then in all 4 doors were hinged at the front. Plymouth used Sealed Beam headlights, and Running Boards were an optional delete item and then in they were eliminated. Production for the year ended at , cars produced. In Chrysler introduced a new and improved Safety Rim, which later would be adopted by other manufacturers, also in it was the last year for the ci engine and it was replaced by the ci engine. Production for the year was , cars produced.

In only , Plymouths were produced, and the last Plymouth was built on January 31, From February of through September of no Civilian Automobiles were produced by any of Chrysler divisions, and the total Chrysler Corporation production quantity was only vehicles, with Plymouth building of them.

The Plymouth bodies from to had very few updated, being basically a model with the same ci engine. However, there was a change to the tire size in late October of the tire size changed to 6.

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Plymouth production was coming back to full-strength, however they did not keep exact production records from through , so they only have a total of 1,, cars built for those years. The only other major change for was that Plymouth came out with an all steel bodied 2-door Suburban station wagon.

VIN Decoding - American Mopars

However, they did make some improvements by introducing wrap-around tail-lights, with stop lights included, which allowed them to deleted the center stop light. The engine size remained at ci, but with increased hp to This was the last year for the Wood-bodied station wagon. The engine size stayed at ci 97 hp. However, for the Chrysler Corporation this was the first year for the new Hemi engine in the in Chryslers, in they were available in DeSotos, and then in they were available in Dodges.

Plymouth production for the year ended at , cars being produced. For the three models remained the same and there was only a minor change to the engine. In Plymouth was the only big manufacturers that only offered a 3-speed manual transmission. Production dropped to , cars made.

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In it was the Silver Anniversary of Plymouth, but because it was also the Golden Anniversary of Ford this was not even mentioned. At the beginning of Plymouth was the only one of the 3 low priced leaders that did not offer as an option either power steering or an automatic transmission.

However, Plymouth continued to improve in other areas such as a fully boxed frame with 4 cross-members, the engine horse power was raised up to hp. Then later in the year they offered as an option both a 3-speed with overdrive and Hy-Drive semi-automatic transmission. Despite some shortfalls with the Plymouth versus Ford and Chevrolet was again a record setting production year, with , cars produced.

For there were no major body changes. There were still the 3 model lines, but with new names; the Belvedere, Savoy and Plaza. In all P26 models were built with the Flat-Heat I-6 engine and the P27 models were built with the new V-8 engines. Production for the year ended at , , with the increase attributed to the new body style and the V8 engine. In Plymouth offered a 3-speed automatic transmission, the TorqueFlite, and it was the first year for the Fury. The had some body changes, but was basically an updated model.

Production for the year was , cars built.

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All of Chrysler Corporation cars got large fins on the back making them look like aircraft. Torsion-bar front suspension was also introduced in Production for the year was up to , cars produced. From through there were only few changes made to Plymouths, except the body fins kept getting larger.

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Production for was down to , cars produced and , cars produced in In Chrysler introduced a complete new product line named the Valiant, which was launched as a compact model. The Valiant was originally a standalone model for Chrysler, but that only lasted for one year. Then in the Valiant was repositioned as a sub-model for Plymouth.

The other big change for Chrysler Corporation was the introduction of the new Slant-6 engine, which replaced the old Flat-Head Icylinder engine in cars. Production remained low at , cars produced. In , ahead of Ford and Chevrolet, Chrysler Corporation cars started using Alternators in place of generators.

Plymouth production dropped even lower to , cars produced and this was also the last year for the DeSoto car line. In sales continued to drop because of poor body styling and the down-sizing of Plymouth models. In Chrysler also started using full body unitized body construction.

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Total production for the year was down to , cars produced. In April of the Barracuda was introduced just ahead of the Ford Mustang. In the mid-size models became the Belvedere and Satellite, and the Push-Button transmission control was replaced with either a column or floor shifter. In Plymouth set a record production number of , cars being produced.