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Most stores are open nights and weekends. Is your radiator leaking? Is your radiator overheating? Are you running low on coolant? If you are experiencing these or any other radiator problems, come into your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care store for a Cooling System Diagnostic. During a Cooling System Diagnostic, one of our experienced tire and automotive service professionals will:. Common causes of a radiator overheating including cooling fan failure, broken water pump, a broken fan belt, a stuck thermostat, coolant leak or a clogged radiator.

Whatever is causing the coolant leak or overheating radiator, our automotive technicians will be able to diagnose the problem. After diagnosing why your radiator leaks, we'll offer you different repair and replacement options and when we fix your radiator, our services will be backed by our triple guarantee: fixed right, priced right and right on time.

Diagnose radiator symptoms: engine overheating, low on coolant, bad thermostat.

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Find radiator repair services at Firestone Complete Auto Care. It is compatible with power steering fluids and it does not contain any petroleum distillates which cause damage to your engine. First, it does not work with brakes and it is only useful for re-sealing the rubber parts of your radiator. Apart from that, it acts fast to stop leaks and its easy compatibility makes it a favorite for some users. It offers a decent repair to your gaskets and by lowering the water temperature; this stop leak can be added directly to your cooling system without the need of flushing afterward.

If you think that is amazing, wait till you hear this. This stop leak goes beyond sealing leaks to condition your cooling system so that future leaks are prevented before they happen. On top of everything, it comes from a reputable brand with a proven track record of quality products. View on Amazon Why we like it: If you are looking for a quick fix, nothing beats the convenience you can receive from the Zerex Super Radiator Sealer. With proof of safe usage for multiple applications, the Zerex Super Radiator Sealer is a reliable product to have when your radiator starts to leak in the middle of nowhere.

The manufacturer claims that it is the only product Cummins has authorized for professional repairs. Convenient features The water-based formula that comes with this stop leak is designed to work with all natural material making the Zerex Super Radiator Sealer a compatible stop leak that can work with many types of radiators. With a claim to a speedy performance that seals holes within one hour, the Zerex Super Radiator Sealer is among one of the fastest performers on our list. Verdict Zerex is a little known brand in the world of manufacturing stop leaks. However, that does not mean you should dismiss its Zerex Super Radiator Sealer.

Most users give this stop leak raving 5-star reviews for its excellent performance. There are however a couple of complaints from customers who were unimpressed. View on Amazon Why we like it: The radiator is an important part of your car and when it stops working due to leaks, having a product such as the J-B Weld Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit can save you money and time.

That is because it comes with a pack of 2 radiator and plastic repair stop leaks, a state of the art formula, and a straightforward set of instruction. It is designed to work with fluid tanks, water tanks as well as storage tanks making it a versatile solution for various applications. Convenient features When it comes to convenience, the J-B Weld Radiator and Plastic Repair Kit boasts of a capacity for delivering a permanent repair to your leaking radiator.

The deal breaker here is that even though it can be used for multiple applications, this stop leak will not work for aluminum radiators. However, this stop leak will is not the best for repairing multiple cracks on a radiator.

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Plus if you use it in warm temperatures it might not work as expected. View on Amazon Why we like it: Another brand in the coolant additive industry that we just had to mention on our list is Irontite. Their Irontite All Weather Seal is one of the best stop leaks you can find if you need a reliable solution for all conditions.

All you have to do is pour it into your coolant mixture and you will be ready to get back on the road.

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It works with both gas and diesel engines making it a must-have for most car owners. Plus, the formula used to manufacture the Irontite All Weather Seal stays dissolved to prevent chances of a clog in the system. Convenient features Basically, when you need a high-quality stop leak that is backed by a reputable brand, the Irontite All Weather Seal is by far one of the best solutions out there.

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It comes with a capacity to remain effective no matter the weather condition making it a must-have stop leak for facing the elements. Although it sits slightly on the pricey side, the convenience of the features it offers make it a worthwhile deal.

This stop leak is one of the best stop leaks for those who need a stop leak solution that can also act as a lubricant to the components of your radiator. Basically, this stop leak is an inexpensive solution that will not only save you money but also time. Convenient features Some of the outstanding features of this stop leak include its capacity for delivering a fast fix to your leaks.

In fact, this powder solution will go beyond sealing leaks to act as a rust inhibitor as well as a lubricant. Verdict The last thing you need after signs of a leak to your radiator is a stop leak that puts your engine at the risk of getting clogged. What is a radiator stop leak? Normally, a car radiator tends to wear and tears with time leading to the development of leaks. There are only two options for you to solve a leaking radiator. You can either choose to buy a new radiator as a replacement for your old one, or you can get a radiator stop leak that protects your radiator preventing further damage.

The cheaper option is to use a radiator stop leak. Most radiator stop leaks come either in a liquid, powder or tablet form. Also, radiator stop leaks vary in the way you use them.

While some work by being poured directly into the cooling system, others will require you to conduct a system flush before and after application. Most brands will claim that their product provides a percent solution. Sure a high-quality radiator stop leak can do a pretty good job but if the problem in your radiator is inherent, you can be sure to have the leak problem pop up somewhere in the future. How do stop leaks actually work? The way stop leaks works is really simple. Then, while the cooling system is under pressure these particles circulate around the leak and the pressure forces them to plug the gap, therefore, sealing the leak.

Rarely do filler sealers form a permanent seal. With that in mind, you might need to flush the coolant and add a new one every once in a while. Technological advancements have brought about micro-sphere nanotechnology that features very small fibers that work just like other filler products.

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The difference is that with these types of radiator stop leaks, the tiny fibers build a mesh that hardens and cures the engine heat. This provides more of a permanent seal that continues to work even after you flush the system. For radiator stop leaks made with sodium silicate, the particles in the liquid melt to form a plug.

Since Sodium silicate melts at to about F, it melts and re-melts as temperature rises then forms a permanent seal once the radiator cools down. That is why some of the best radiator stop leaks are made with sodium silicate mixed with other metallic filler material. What causes leaks in my radiator, heater core or steel tubing? One of the major causes of leaks is owner neglect.

When you neglect this, the system starts to corrode from the inside out. In fact, in most cases, the pinhole leak in the system is usually a symptom of a much larger problem that cannot be presently solved by a stop leak product. Although most radiator stop leaks only provide a temporary solution, if you apply the stop leaks at the very first sign of a leak, you might end up with a better outcome.

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Seriously, do not wait until you get a major leak to start applying your stop leak. How much does it cost to repair my radiator hose? Well, the actual cost of leaking repairing a radiator varies from shop to shop. Besides, your car might need extra maintenance that the mechanics will add to your bill raising the cost much higher.

The only alternative to taking your car to a repair shop is to do it yourself. You can also look around different garages and ask for estimated to get the best deal. You can also choose to have a professional mechanic apply the stop leak to your car if you are not sure what to do. However, most stop leaks are easy to use. Brand The last thing you need, especially after confirming that your radiator is leaking, is to have a low-quality stop leak ruin the rest of your cooling system.

We recommend going with a brand that is known for producing quality products. In our list, we have included products from brands with a stellar reputation in order to make your work easy. Size of the leak First of all, you should not neglect any signs of a leaking radiator. The earlier you seal up a leaking radiator the better it is.

Keep in mind that radiator stop leaks are not entirely designed to be a permanent solution to a leaking radiator. Therefore try to seal the leaks while they are still small. If you have a large leak in your system, the best solution is to seek professional help or go with a stop leak that is capable to tackle larger cracks.

View on Amazon Why we like it: Among all the reasons to get a radiator stop leak, cutting costs is by far one of the main reasons for most car owners. The K-Seal ST is designed to go beyond affordability to ensure all your holes and cracks are sealed. One of the reasons this product is trusted by many customers is the fact that it is scientifically tested to prove that it works. It contains microfibers that make contact with the cracks to forms a mesh that seals the radiator effectively.